Bar & Restaurant

"A 'bar' is a perch, and 'tender' means gentleness. Together, it means a 'Gentle Perch'. 

This wood is the bar. By itself, it's just a board to put drinks on. But because a bartender is there, gentleness is born in the bar."

- Batenda 2006 -

Gentle Perch is a neighborhood restaurant in East Williamsburg - which lies between Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick - from hospitality developer-owner Rivmont Lee.  It offers Korean-American Brunch and Dinner, complimented by shaken beverages, and exotic cocktails.

GP Brunch serves Korean-American driven menu such as Loaded Potato Goroke, Korean Fried Chicken, and Shaken Iced Coffees.

GP Dinner specializes in a unique list of noodles, rice bowls, and house specials.


The entire 50-seat restaurant was built with a comfortable, rustic vibe.

GP is a place for you to relax, chill, and rest. 




Tuesday - Saturday:
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

112 Graham Avenue

Brooklyn NY 11206

© Gentle Perch by V.O.E. Hospitality Group.